50 Greatest Date Night Ideas

50 Greatest Date Night Ideas

For those of you who know us, know that we try to keep a consistent weekly date night (during the off-season) where we rotate each week who is responsible for planning. In this blog post, I am going to share 50 of my greatest date night ideas.

Where our date nights began

Before we started this date night routine, we were stuck in a rut. I was finding that since I was such a planner, I would just plan everything for us but then I would get frustrated that my husband would never plan anything. This wasn’t really fair since I would be the one to constantly make the plans without ever asking him to help. This has honestly been a game-changer for our relationship.

master chef date night
board game date night

How it works

We take a look at our schedules for the week on Sunday evening and choose which day we are going to have a date night. The other person usually likes to keep it a secret until the actual date, except for when Cam needs help with the planning 😉.

*Disclaimer – we don’t have the added challenge of planning around kids. If this is the case for you, try looking at a bi-weekly date night or planning something special when the kids go to bed.

I have learned that these dates are so important for our relationship and it really gives us something to look forward to each week. It’s so easy to just sit on the couch every night, watch TV and look at your phones, but this strategy forces you to focus on each other, do something nice for your significant other, and might even teach you something new about that person.

It is important to note that not all date nights need to cost a lot of money. There are some great ideas of things you can do at home!

50 Date Night Ideas

Here are my top 50 date night ideas in no particular order with some links to my favourite local opportunities: 

  1. Play a pick-up sport (e.g. tennis, badminton, basketball, squash) – pay a day fee at your community centre and try something new!
  2. Master Chef or Master Baker – you each make a special dish or dessert and serve it to your significant other. Best tasting wins and brownie points for best looking!
  3. At-home spa night – give each other face masks, pedicures, and massages.
  4. Complete some random acts of kindness – choose five random acts of kindness to complete with your significant other. For example, write notes to brighten someone’s day and leave $5 Tim Cards on the window of their car.
  5. Visit a board room café! – get dessert and a beverage while you try a vast array of new board games. Games on tap (Waterloo)
  6. Complete the Love Languages quiz – learn a little bit more about your spouse by completing this quiz. Fill it out separately and then have a conversation around the key points.
  7. Wine or beer tasting at home – pick up a new bottle of wine or beer to try at home and have a taste testing by pairing cheese and other foods with each.
  8. Drive-in movie – visit a local drive-in movie theatre and catch a new flick! Don’t forget a comfy set up in your vehicle, or make your own outdoor movie at home. Mustang Drive In Theatre (Guelph)
  9. Bowling – order some food and challenge your partner to a few games. Kingpin Bowlounge (Kitchener)
  10. Mini putt – find an outdoor or glow in the dark indoor mini-putt and practice your putting skills. Max’s Sports World (St. Jacobs)
  11. Batting Cages – going to the batting cages is a fun activity and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. Max’s Sports World (St. Jacobs)
  12. Drinks and pool – visit a local pub and reserve your spot at a pool table while having some of your favourite cocktails. Gilly’s Pubhouse (Stratford)
  13. Campfire & S’mores – have an at-home campfire and cook up some delicious s’mores. Don’t have a fireplace? Get creative with a campout set up in your house and roast marshmallows over the stove.
  14. Skating – in the winter months, try a public skating rink or find a pond you can shovel off for a romantic skate.
  15. Cooking class – learn something new in the kitchen! There are tons of different types of classes so you can choose what interests you the most. The Culinary Studio (Waterloo)
  16. Bucket list – sit down and come up with a list of dream items that you hope to do as a couple! Spike some interesting conversations and learn something new about your significant other.
  17. Time capsule – put some meaningful items in the time capsule such as a letter to each other and other sentimental things. Burry it in your yard and plan to dig it up in 5 or 10 years.
  18. Give back – sign up for a local volunteer opportunity that you can do together. Learn about charities that have the greatest need in your community and find ways to support local.
  19. Closet clear out – help go through each other’s closet and choose items to donate. You can also add on a fun shopping trip to get a few new pieces for your wardrobe and help them choose items you like too.
  20. Local farm or market visit – try to find a local farm where you can buy flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  21. Workout – try an online workout class from yoga to bootcamp!
  22. Sunset hike – plan a walk to a good location to watch the sunset. Pack a few drinks and lay out a blanket to really set the mood.
  23. Bike ride – map out a fun route to take your bikes out on the road
  24. Boardgame night – play some of your favourite board games at home
  25. Pub trivia – visit a local pub and participate in their weekly trivia night. The Pub on King (Waterloo)
  26. Build a fort – bring out the child in yourselves and create a fort to cuddle up and watch movies in!
  27. Try a new recipe – choose a new recipe to try then head to the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients. Come home and cook up a storm!
  28. Plan your dream vacation – if budget wasn’t a concern, where would you want to go and what would you want to do. Set a goal for yourselves to take that trip one day!
  29. Local sports game – cheer on a local sports team at a game – much cheaper than a big-league event.
  30. Head to the beach – go for a drive and spend some time on the water at a local beach.
  31. Rock climbing – visit a local gym and practice your rock climbing skills and get a great full-body workout. Grand River Rocks (Kitchener)
  32. Create an at-home video (not that kind! LOL) – interview yourselves about how you met, what you like about each other and put it together in a video. Great keepsake and something you can show your kids one day.
  33. Relive your first date – head back to where it all began and re-do your first date over again. It might feel a little different this time!
  34. See a live band – get tickets to see a live band! It’s always fun to have an excuse to dress up and head out on the town.
  35. Get out on the water – kayak, boat, or paddleboard – if you don’t have one, find a place that you can rent one.
  36. Plan a picnic – take your blanket, some food, and drinks to a special spot with a view and enjoy a romantic picnic for two.
  37. Horseback riding – find a local farm to go horseback riding
  38. Date night subscription box – there are tons of subscription boxes to choose from if you are having a hard time coming up with new ideas! Crated with Love
  39. Take a dance class – worried about what you look like – you can find virtual dance classes online so that you can do them in the comfort of your own home! Let loose and have fun!
  40. Start a puzzle – puzzles can be a challenge and are another easy at-home date night idea.
  41. Classic dinner and a show – you can’t go wrong! Make a nice meal or head out for dinner and then visit your local cinema for a new flick.
  42. Candlelit dinner – the key here is to set the MOOD. Light candles, get flowers and surprise your significant other with a really special meal.
  43. Organize a room in your house – sounds like work right? Accomplish something while also spending quality time – gives a great opportunity for deep conversation.
  44. Skip dinner – just dessert – go straight to dessert and visit a local dessert café – you won’t even think about dinner. Symposium Cafe (Waterloo)
  45. Bar hop – choose three new bars to try and just go for one drink before moving to the next. Try something new on the menu and chat about your favourites.
  46. Play a video game – challenge each other to a video game – bring back the one you played as a kid or try something new!
  47. Memory lane – collect old yearbooks and photos and take a walk down memory lane. Share stories from your childhood and reminisce about the good old days.
  48. Swimming – try a few laps at your community pool or find a local pond to go swimming. Skinny dipping is also an adrenaline-filled option.
  49. Go for a run – challenge your partner to run 5km with you. A great way to workout and find some time to catch up.
  50. Visit a zoo – go for a drive and check out all of the cute animals at a local zoo! African Lion Safari (Cambridge)

Share your favourite date night ideas with me in the comments! We are always looking to try something new.

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