Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

I have been feeling some major social media fatigue lately and I am tired of constantly being glued to my phone. I find myself spending more time on screens and less time experiencing the world around me. Granted, the current pandemic is one of the main reasons for the increased screen time but it got me thinking that maybe we could all use a friendly reminder and some tips for putting our phone down.

Our phones have become our entertainment, our alarm clocks, our cameras, our notepad, our radio, our GPS and SO many other things! There are very few things that our phones can’t do (basically everything but read our minds but who are we kidding that will probably happen some day too).

Disclaimer, I know absolutely nothing about science, BUT the amount of time we spend on our phones or with it glued to our bodies cannot be good for us. We spend so much time prioritizing wellness and our health but I can’t help but think that something we all do, every day is hurting us just as bad.  I think the major problem with this, is it has become ‘normal’ and we aren’t even old enough yet to see the long-term health problems with the amount cellphone use from frequent users. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to come up with some simple rules for myself around cell phone use and I put together this list. I hope that you might find something helpful on this list and if you have any tips yourself send them to me or comment below!

  • No phone at any dinner table, EVER!
    • What is the point of having your phone at the dinner table anyways? Try to focus on the people you are at the table with or if you are by yourself, focus on the food you are eating; I hear it’s good for digestion not to be distracted.
  • No phone when going for walks
    • I think we all feel that if we don’t have our phones on us 24/7 that when there is an emergency, somebody won’t be able to reach us. The chances of this happening while on your walk are so small. It feels incredible to disconnect from technology and connect with nature. Take some deep breaths and let your mind wander as you walk.
  • Limit phone use in bed
    • Mornings and before bed are the worst for me! I could scroll Tik Tok for hours before finally falling asleep. It is literally proven that your mind needs to decompress before a good nights sleep so putting your phone away can be really beneficial for catching some quality zzz’s.
  • Delete an app or two that you don’t use
    • For me, Snap Chat was one of those app’s that I would constantly look at but it was pretty pointless for me to have. I ended up deleting it and now I have one less thing to constantly check.
  • De-clutter your Instagram
    • A solid clean up of who you are following on Instagram is a game changer. Not only is it a healthy way for you to monitor who you are following and how they are making you feel, but it can also limit the amount of content you have to look at.
    • I have OCD and need to click through every Insta story (pls tell me someone else does this) and it kills me thinking about what a waste of time it is. Managing the people I follow allows me to help control how much content is available for me to look at. And don’t even think about scrolling the explore page…
  • Every once and a while disconnect for a weekend or a holiday
    • This past weekend, I disconnected for the entire weekend (and not actually by choice, we literally had no service) and it felt so good to not be checking my phone constantly. It allowed me to enjoy the people I was with and be present with my thoughts.

Song of the Week: Porch Swing Angel – Muscadine Bloodline 

Quote of the Week: “Enjoy the little things because one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

Netflix Show/Movie of the Week: Last Chance U


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