Merry & Married

Merry & Married

This past month, Cam and I made the difficult decision to cancel our large wedding reception that we postponed to June 2021. After getting married this past summer, in a more intimate and much smaller format than originally planned, we felt as though this was the best decision given that there is no end in sight for the global pandemic. Although it isn’t exactly what we wanted, we know that in the long run it is the right choice for our wellbeing.

The financial risk of planning an event that may or may not happen is very stressful, let alone throwing a pandemic and the first year of marriage on top of that. We had deposits due with vendors early into the new year so we knew that the decision needed to be made before we invested more money that we would risk losing. We hope to one day celebrate with everyone that we love the right way – which includes dancing, singing and a lot of hugs.

We really feel like we can now focus on enjoying the rest of our first year of marriage, rather than being completely stressed out during such uncertain times. One of the interesting things about our first year of marriage is that we are spending more time together than we ever have in our relationship. It was one of the easiest years for Cam’s field work (the weather was completely in our favour), I am working from home 24/7 and all of my events, volunteer work and other obligations were cancelled because of the pandemic. We have both really enjoyed spending more time together and I especially like that I can help out more when Cam needs food, rides or other support at the farm.

One of the more difficult things for us to focus on during this pandemic is our weekly date nights. Since we are already spending so much time together and the limited activities available for date nights, it has resulted in only one or two dates per month. One of my goals for the new year will be to make this a bigger priority even though it is tougher during lockdown.

We have some really exciting news to share as well. We have decided to refocus all of our energy towards building a home on the property we currently live. We hope to break ground in the fall and will continue to share our journey of building our dream home through this blog. Our goal is that this will be our forever home so as we plan ahead, we have the mindset of building for the future and doing it right the first time. It is crazy to think I could be spending the rest of my life on this farm, but I absolutely love it here and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Although Cam is more stressed than I am about taking on our first mortgage, I am so excited to start ‘adulting’. We have been saving for a long time for this day and we are finally ready to pull the trigger and take these next steps for our future. I cannot wait to start sharing the plans and vision with you.  

I am hopeful about the thought of returning to campus this coming year and am praying that there will be a day that I get to see my colleagues in person this year. I am still on a redeployment opportunity with Laurier from the Athletics and Recreation department and working in Government and Community Relations. I still feel some sadness about not seeing the Special Olympics Spring Games through until the end, but I know that I am currently where I need to be in my career, and I feel at peace with that.

This coming year I can already tell there are going to be a lot of changes in our life. I am starting this year with a positive and open mindset to welcome all of these changes. I want to embrace each and every change and am excited to see where life is going to take me next. I also continue to have a lot of goals for myself and will share more in my next blog post with you. That blog post will launch on Jan. 4th and will include a Vision Board Workbook that will walk you through how to create your own goals for the coming year.

Song of the Week: Forget me too – Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey     

Quote of the Week: “Jan. 1 is the first blank page of a new book, write a good one” – Brad Paisley

Netflix Show/Movie of the Week: Burden of Truth


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