Top Five Best At-Home Workouts

Top Five Best At-Home Workouts

As the lockdowns and gym closures continue in Ontario, finding the motivation to workout at home is getting tough.

Daily at-home workouts have become a non-negotiable for my physical and mental wellness during these difficult times. If you are having trouble staying motivated, check out my Top 7 Fitness Motivation Tips.

I am not the kind of person who can just workout at home without any cardio equipment or an instructor telling me what to do. If you have that kind of motivation, props to you.

There are some really great paid fitness classes but not everyone can afford these types of services. I have found some really great, free, at-home workouts and reviewed my top five here.

No Equipment At-Home Workouts

MadFit – YouTube

Maddie is from Toronto has a variety of workouts on her YouTube channel that are anywhere from 5 min – 30 min in length. My review:

  • Workouts are quick but effective. If you only have a little bit of time, these would be great for you.
  • I will often pair 2-3 videos for one workout or run through a video twice for extra reps.
  • She provides instruction and tips for doing exercises correctly.
  • Her dance party workouts are a great challenge and a lot of fun! The best part, nobody is watching!

Growingannanas – YouTube

Anna focuses on HIIT workouts on her YouTube channel that are 30 min – 45 min in length. I am currently doing her 28-day HIIT Challenge! My review:

  • She indicates how sweaty of a workout you are in for. When she says super sweaty, it is.
  • 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
  • There is no instruction or talking throughout the workout. Not for beginners.
  • She offers no jumping HIIT for those living in apartments.

Equipment Required At-Home Workouts

lindsey harrod workouts

Lindsey Harrod – IGTV

Lindsey is an LA-based trainer and used to teach free workouts on Instagram Live. Although her workouts are no longer free, there are still a few 45 min workouts left on her account. My review:

  • These workouts are challenging but insanely effective and a lot of fun!
  • She provides extensive coaching and tips.
  • Each workout includes a warm-up and cool down.
  • Music is great and good rest periods.
  • Equipment: booty band and 5, 10, or 15-pound weights

Vuori Clothing – IGTV

Vuori is an athletic clothing line that shares Instagram Live workouts from a variety of trainers on their page. They are anywhere from 30 min – 1 hour in length. My review:

  • There are a variety of classes and trainers to choose from. My favourite instructors are @stefcorgel, @taramobasseri, and @torrism – they ALL have workouts on their own IGTV’s.
  • These classes are a great length and will absolutely leave you sweaty and sore.
  • A lot of coaching and instruction.
  • Equipment: ankle or wrist weights and a kettlebell

Caroline Girvan – YouTube

Caroline is a personal trainer and has a variety of workouts on her YouTube channel including 50-day challenges. My review:

  • These workouts are intense and major muscle burners.
  • There is no instruction or talking throughout the workout. Not recommended for beginners.
  • Equipment not necessary for all workouts but some use ankle weights, dumbells, kettlebell, and booty band.

I like to save my favourite workouts on a note in my phone so that I don’t have to follow all of these accounts. I also try to mix up the muscle groups I am targeting each day of the week and also add in some additional cardio by running.

For the month of February, I am going to do the Growingannanas 28-day advanced HIIT challenge and I am inviting you to participate with me! If you would like to participate, send me a message and I will add you to our accountability group chat. This is so that we can motivate each other, chat about the workouts, and hold each other accountable.

Song of the Week: Driver’s License – Olivia Rodrigo    

Quote of the Week: “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” – John F. Kennedy

Netflix Show/Movie of the Week: Superstore

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